Q 1. What is the purpose of the Website of the Forest Department, Manipur?

Ans: The purpose of the Website of the Forest Department, Manipur is as follows:

  • Bring Good Governance, the priority of the present Government.
  • Bring transparency in the system.
  • Full flow of information to the public.
  • Hassle-free support to the people, Wood-based Industries (WBIs), Sawmills, customer/ consignee dealing in forest produce and remove their inconveniences.
  • Fast delivery on a real-time basis.
  • To develop a Corruption-free mechanism.
  • To make Forest staff accountable.
  • Ensure ease of business with good platforms like Nursery Management system, a mechanism for management of Wood Based Industries, scheme-wise & District-wise various activities being undertaken by the Department, etc.
  • People sitting at their homes may get access to information on their mobile.

The website is interactive and provides much information in the public domain to maintain transparency and accountability.

Q 2. How many modules are there on the Website?

Ans: The Forest Website has the following modules:

  • Registration of Private Individuals/ Private & Government Organizations
  • Nursery Management System (NMS)
  • Management of Wood Based Industries (WBIs) and Saw-mills.
  • Application of new/ renewal of the license.
  • Maintenance of mandatory Registers of Stock.
  • Online filing of Preliminary Offence Report (POR)
  • Online filing of Seizure Memo
  • Online filing of Confiscation Report
Q.3. If I want to register myself or my organization on Forest Website, what should I do?

Ans: Please go to log in and then click – Create New Account.

Q.4. If I want to apply Online for seedlings from the nearest Forest Division, what should I do?


Ans. Please follow the following steps in order:

  • Register yourself on the Website.
  • Locate your Nearest Nursery for the species you want to procure through Nursery Locator under NMS.
  • Select one species and Click.
  • Then, the entire list of species in that particular Nursery will appear on the screen.
  • In the right-most column, you will see an option Procure/ Apply.
  • Select Procure/ Apply and fill the prescribed form with all details and Save.
  • Your application will automatically go to the concerned DFO.
  • Once DFO approves it, the same will be returned to you online with a permitted/ approved number of seedlings to be received from your selected Nursery.